Our Mission

We're a non-profit organization
teaching kids, families, and older adults
how to stay safe and be better prepared
in the event of a fire, earthquake, or disaster.
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Fire Safety Programs

The Work We Do

We're the lucky ones. For most of us, disaster is a word we see in the headlines about places far away. Los Angeles seems to have everything, from the Pacific Ocean to the Santa Monica Mountains.

Los Angeles also has something called risk. And, it's also a fact that our friends, neighbors, and families may not be prepared in the event of a disaster. For some of us, readiness is something other people do.

After the grounds shakes, or the hills burn, there will be plenty of recovery money to rebuild Los Angeles. Our objective is to ensure that part of that rebuilding isn't burying a loved one. By educating our kids, families, and older adults about fire and life safety, we can prepare our entire community to be ready for any eventuality. Learn with us. Learn to be ready.

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